Behind The Scene: God's Ultimate Purpose Unfold!

Behind The Scene: God's Ultimate Purpose Unfold!
Behind The Scene: God's Ultimate Purpose Unfold!
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This Book, BEHIND THE SCENE, “God’s Ultimate Purpose Unfold,” is undoubtedly, one of the most unique, Inspirational, Christian Novel of all time. The setting of this Book, begins with a little country girl, eight and a half years old born in South Carolina, which, remained there for the most part, of her earlier years, living first with her Paternal Grandmother and later with both, Paternal and Maternal, an unusual setup, to say the least, prior to rejoining her Parents, brother and little sister, up North. She had already been introduced to tragedy at some point, due to the loss of a sister, who passed away, at a very young age. A terrible time for her family and her. Episodes, experiences that would change her life, a paramount significance, from her experiences, that it would lay a foundation, which would become the base for her life as an adult. Beginning with Chapter(s) 1 through 9, AT A GLANCE, God’s Ultimate Purpose Unfold! LOOKING BACK ONE: Those Teenage Years, LOOKING BACK TWO: The Interim of The 20’s and 30’s. THE RAILING ACCUSATIONS: The Call To Service, The Awakening, and A Premature Conclusion. As well, THE DECIDING FACTORS: The First Factor and The Second Factor. THE VISIT: A Friend’s Church. AS WELL, THE FEAR: The Control. THE MINISTRY PHASE: The Follow-Up Aspect AND LASTLY, CONCLUDING WITH, Oh! Give Thanks, The Close of the Book, and Inserts. An intense, dramatic portrait of factual events, the Prelude to synoptic views and experiences, to say the least, only to realize that at its end, a Book would be birthed of such magnitude, setting the tone for all that would follow, for the rest of her life, entitled, BEHIND THE SCENE, “God’s Ultimate Purpose Unfold!” as well, as the birthing of many other books in the future.


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