About Us

L. Robinson-Condeso Ministries, Inc. is a spirit filled, preaching, teaching, prayer, counseling and prophetic Ministry as well, an Internet Radio Ministry. The ministry was birthed and began as a prayer ministry in Philadelphia, PA, with a few people in a home. Our ministry was formerly incorporated here in North Miami, FL, since 1999 and has been ministered to many people in various ways, per their needs.

According to our Internet Radio stats, our Ministry has touched over 50 thousand alone, not counting those who were ministered to on one-on-one, over the years, to God be the Glory!

L. Robinson-Condeso Ministries is a 501c3 organization, eligible to receive tax-deductible contribution in accordance with IRS Code section 170. And we would appreciate your gifts, it help us to expand on a more local front.

Rev. Dr. Lillie M. Robinson-Condeso is an ordained and licensed minister of the Gospel who is born-again, Holy Spirit filled Gifted and Anointed in the Prophetic and Seers gifts and their operations, as well, Prophetic and Biblical Counseling, and trained for ministry, through various affiliations of Ministries and Schools.  Graduate of Jameson Evangelistic Association and Masters International School of Divinity, Former Church member of Pastor David Epley’s Church, Hallandale, FL

She was called of God to the work of the kingdom long before she fully understood what her calling was, “chosen” for such a time as this.

Her ministering includes teaching and preaching, author of two books published and others in process, as well Mini-Prayer Booklet and Poetry. She is a Internet Radio Show Host, broadcaster of two Shows/Programs, Counselor and Prophetess.

She has traveled and ministered in Philadelphia, PA, Camden NJ. Helena AK, Puerto Rico, Lima, Peru, Evansville IN, and various parts of FL.

She has offers courses on many and will be offering courses on many different subjects pertaining to the Christian Faith and her experiences down through the years as well books and Cds are available in the ministry store  and www.amazon.com.

Rev. Dr. Lillie M Robinson-Condeso