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A miracle in the making is all that can be said for Rev. Dr. Lillie M Robinson-Condeso, Apostle and Prophetess, Founder and President of L. Robinson-Condeso Ministries. No thoughts or possible evidences prior to would have given place to what would happen to her especially after all she had gone through.

But God had a plan and part of that plan was her. She had no former knowledge of her writing ability or desire to write so surely, this was a miracle and great blessing bestowed on her from above.

Her first literary work was chosen and published in not only one but two of the International Library of Poetry Anthologies, 2005 Twilight Musings, Page 1, entitled: The Little Children. And she was also published in the International Library of Poetry Anthology, 2007 Forever Spoken, Page 1, entitled: The Flower That Blooms Each Spring!

She birthed and wrote her first book, entitled: Christmas of 83, “The Birthing of A Ministry,” published by Xlibris Publishing Corporation, 2009 and Behind The Scene: God’s Ultimate Purpose Unfold, also published by Xlibris Publishing Corporation in latter of 2009.

She has since then written two additional books, entitled: Why Teach About Angels? pending publication, And Regret: Healing and Deliverance also pending. As well, she has birthed the CD collection of “Sherri’s Story,”, gleaned from the book Behind The Scene: God’s Ultimate Purpose Unfold.

As seen below and will also be available in Ministry Store:

  • A Heep See Quaint Sayings 10X14 PRINT

  • Behind The Scene:
    God’s Ultimate Purpose Unfold!

  • Christmas of “83” the “Birthing” of a Ministry!:A Christmas to Remember


NOTE: REGRET: Healing And Deliverance part of an on going CD Series also currently available at